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Pallet racking is a specialized storage system designed to efficiently organize and store palletized goods within a warehouse or distribution center. Consisting of vertical frames and horizontal beams, the system creates a grid of shelves on which pallet racks can be stored at multiple levels. The vertical frames, often made of steel, provide structural support and stability, while the horizontal beams connect to create shelving levels.

The key advantage of pallet racking lies in its ability to maximize vertical space, enabling businesses to store large quantities of goods while optimizing floor space. This systematic arrangement facilitates easy product accessibility, with forklifts and other material-handling equipment navigating designated aisles. The adaptability of pallet racking to different pallet sizes and load capacities, along with its compatibility with various inventory management systems, makes it a fundamental component in modern warehouse logistics.

At AMH we strive for efficiency and help you get the best Pallet Racket type to adjust to your storage needs. 

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